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Great Yarmouth

"help someone rediscover life"

Our oldest member is 92 years young and our youngest member is 16 years old.

The total amount of money donated to the 2014-15 Poppy Appeal was £37,692.66

The Great Yarmouth branch membership stands at 81 adult members and 25 youth members.

President ~ Colleen Walker Chair ~ Colleen Walker Secretary ~ Sylvia Pratt Dennis Capel ~ Poppy Appeal Organiser Ann Neave ~ Treasurer
Great Yarmouth Branch

Firstly an introduction to the people who at present hold the principal jobs in the Great Yarmouth Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Colleen and Bill hold their lifetime posts by invitation. As for the rest they are elected for a three year period so quick AGM's are the generally the order of the day.

There is a group of active stalwarts who you no doubt have seen collecting for the Poppy Appeal in November at the large supermarkets round the town. They are invaluable in helping to make events, we are involved with throughout the year, a success.

We also have an enthusiastic group of Street Collectors who turn up every year to stand on the wind and often rainswept corners of Great Yarmouth in November to collect for a cause they believe in. The evidence of your own eyes will have told you some of these people are "getting on" a bit. We have have nothing but admiration for them all.

We have resisted the temptation to resurrect the picture of Lord Kitchener pointing at you saying "The Great Yarmouth Branch Needs You" but we really do. If the Royal British Legion is to continue in Great Yarmouth we really need more members.

A common misconceptions is that only ex-Services personnel can join the Royal British Legion. This is simply not true. Membership is open to all, young and old alike.

Youth Members pay a "one off" fee which lasts until their seventeenth birthday. Everyone else pays pays an annual fee of £17.00.

We look forward to seeing you all at the many and various events we will be organising and attending this year.

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