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This year's running total for our 2016-17 Poppy Appeal stands at £35,932.62

The Great Yarmouth branch was formed in 1935, the year of King George V's Silver Jubilee.

RBL has launched its own 'Manifesto' which sets out how politicians can build a better future for our Armed Forces

RBL-Great Yarmouth Past Events

This page shows some of the events we have been involved in down the years. Many of our events have been aimed at fundraising but by no means all. Should you like to join us and participate in a worthwhile cause our meetings are open to all.

Cliff Top Gala - Sun 26th July 2015

As you all know the Gala was effectively brought to a close just after midday when the predicted rain started. Once it started it kept on and on. We were grateful for a ten minute respite at around three o'clock which allowed us to pack up our gazebo in the dry. Just before we left a lady who was not daunted by the rain put some money in one of our buckets as she no doubt made he way home for a nice cup of tea.

Cliff Top Gala 2015 Cliff Top Gala 2015

It was by no means all doom and gloom. In the morning we gave out free RBL flags to the children and many of the parents took a small booklet explaining how the money that they donate to the RBL is spent. We also had many freebies on offer as a 'Thank You' for your ongoing support. We plan to repeat this at the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival in September. (See events page for details).

Cliff Top Gala 2015 Cliff Top Gala 2015

Dennis Capel, our Poppy Appeal Organiser was again working the floating lemon and the twenty pence piece. The idea is to try to get a twenty pence piece to stay on a lemon that is floating in water, for five seconds. The prize a crisp Five Pound note. We had many participants but sadly nobody won the fiver. Better luck to you all next time.

Cliff Top Gala 2015 Cliff Top Gala 2015

Although the day was cut short you donated £145.15p which was considerably more than was raised last year in a whole day. On behalf of all people who have 'Served' and who are 'Serving' - Thank You.

We thank Fred Riley for the above Pictures

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