Royal British Legion

Great Yarmouth

"help someone rediscover life"

The RBL has key dates which help understand why it has developed to what it is today.

The Royal British Legion is a body incorporated by Royal Charter which sets out its objectives and powers

Our oldest member is 93 years young and our youngest member is 17 years old.

It seems that time and time again people who have joined the armed forced for part of their lives are often treated differently and often unfairly when it comes to any sort of welfare payments or compensation payments.

The RBL would greatly appreciate your support with any or all of the national campaigns we are currently running.

Insult to Injury campaign

Veterans who were injured in Service on or before 5 April 2005 receive a War Disablement Pension and are known as War Pensioners. Should a War Pensioner have social care needs, they will routinely find that their local authority takes all but the first £10pw of their military compensation to cover the costs of their care.

However a veteran with a similar injury but who was injured on or after 6 April 2005 is able to keep all of their compensation payments. This is because these injured veteran receives compensation through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, which local authorities are instructed to fully exempt from means tests for social care.

As a matter of fact local authorities must also exempt compensation that has been awarded to civilians who have been injured in the workplace, which is usually placed in a personal injury trust fund.

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