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Great Yarmouth War Years

Great Yarmouth was a "Front Line" town during both the First and Second World Wars. Read about incidents that occurred during these times.

Great Yarmouth's Zeppelin Hunters

The Royal Naval Air Station on the South Denes at Great Yarmouth became renowned during the First World War for the skill and courage of its airmen. When the war began on 4 August 1914 their role was one of reconnaissance: to patrol the coastline of Norfolk and Suffolk. The attacks on Great Yarmouth, first by ships of the German High Seas Fleet on 3 November 1914 and then by the Zeppelin L.3 on 19 January 1915, meant that their role had to change to one of defence. The development of machines that could fly higher and faster and, the fitting of armaments into those machines, enabled the aviators to attack the attackers before they could wreak havoc. First came the installation of bomb carriers in aircraft, then machine guns which could be fired through the propellers. Next came Ranken darts - an incendiary device - and explosive bullets which were specifically designed as anti-airship weapons.

The men of the Yarmouth air station flew anti-submarine patrols and bombed hostile ships, but it was as Zeppelin hunters that they are best remembered. Trying to get close enough to, or above an airship, to inflict damage was a dangerous and a brave mission. They would be shot at continuously by machine gunners in the port and starboard gondolas, the gun-pit in the tail and the cockpit on top of the Zeppelin. They were decorated many times for their bravery. During the course of the war, the men from the Great Yarmouth air station were responsible for destroying more enemy airships than any other unit of the Allied Forces.

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